25 Diode Laser Brush


This ultimate handheld laser comes with true low-level laser technology. It has 25 laser diodes (the most in any handheld). Since it’s a comb, it comes in close contact with the hair follicles. This hair comb for hair loss control treatment increases blood circulation to improves hair growth and stops hair loss. Since this is cordless and absolutely portable, it is good for outpatients who find it hard to visit a clinic for hair loss laser sessions on regular basis.

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Ultimate 25 Diode Laser Brush

  • 25 True Laser Diodes – more lasers than any other handheld laser on the market!
  • 650nM Wavelength
  • Better coverage than other models
  • Cordless & Convenient
  • Includes 2 sets of Lithium Ion Batteries!
  • Light weight for ease of use
  • Quality-CE Certified
  • Closer contact with hair follicles thanks to transparent laser housing
  • Patented in USA & International and now available in the US
  • 1-year warranty from manufacturer

Directions: Move the unit slowly around your head in the direction of hair growth, from front to back, and bottom to top, 25 true laser diode.

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Dimensions6 × 5 × 3 in