Colloidal Silver Elixir


High quality and 10 parts per million concentration to offer a safe, yet effective amount per serving. Colloidal Silver is in a base of purified water rendering it odorless and tasteless. This product is made by using an Electro-colloidal process ensuring effectiveness and quality. This elixir form is for your convenience to measure or to take internally. Alternatively, we offer it as a spray for topical application.

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What is true colloidal silver used for, how to use it and does it really work? There are many advanced colloidal silver products on the market today with a variety of uses and benefits, an old remedy for many. Colloidal silver supplements in liquid form may include uses as a dietary supplement. Colloidal Silver is an old natural remedy to aid with infections.

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Ingredients & Dosage

Recommended Colloidal Silver normal dosage is 1-2 ml twice per day or as directed by your doctor. We are very fond of Colloidal Silver potential benefits, but always check with your doctor before and while taking any supplements.