Factor G6 Growth Factor Serum


Factor G6 Hair Serum is a powerful hair loss prevention and hair rejuvenation strategy delivering an incredibly high concentration of 6 growth factors deep into the scalp. Factor G6 Hair Serum supports the growth of healthy, strong hair by improving circulation of nutrients to the scalp, combatting the damaging effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (causing hair loss), supporting cellular health and rejuvenation, and restoring the appearance of hair color.

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Factor G6 Hair Serum is a non-chemical product and does not have the high level of side effects associated with other hair loss treatment options.

The unique formula of Factor G6 Hair Serum contains an incredible 24,000 ng/ml of highly pure (99.9%) growth factor proteins. This concentration and purity of growth factor proteins is unmatched by any other hair product.

Factor G6 Hair Serum works incredibly well when used in conjunction with Factor G6 Professional (applied by Professionals), in support of hair follicle rejuvenation and after hair transplant surgery. It can be used conveniently on its own at home too.

Factor G6 Hair Serum also includes:

  • 21 kinds of amino acids;
  • Vitamin B complex which provides hair follicles with a boost of energy to help the growing process;
  • Glutathione – a detoxifying agent which cleanses the hair follicles of Coenzymes;
  • Minerals like Zinc, AHK-Cu and Magnesium and others to improve the health of your hair; and
  • Anti-oxidants

Factor G6 is a drug-free, chemical-free solution that attacks the problem of hair loss from multiple angles to deliver proven results in hundreds of thousands of clinical applications with zero side effects.

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